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Tropical Storm



  • Prepare your hurricane kit

  • Secure outdoor furniture (put outdoor items inside, secure out of path of direct winds, tie down any large items that cannot be moved such as playsets. Remember hurricanes move counterclockwise with the strongest part of the storm being the northeast corner)

  • Hurricane shutters

  • Fill car gas tanks

  • Fill generator gas (either portable gas tank or refill propane tank from your local supplier)

  • Wash all laundry (may not have power for a while if you don’t have a generator) 

  • Get cash from the bank

  • Refill any prescriptions

  • Grocery shop for items that do not need frozen or refrigerated

  • Eat food items that may expire soon in case of loss of power

  • Make sure you have copies of all important documents (insurance policy, vet records for pets, copy of covid vax cards, copy of IDs)

  • Turn off any outdoor utilities required

  • Trim any easy branches from trees to prevent them from falling off/ becoming a projectile

  • Use sandbags/flood barriers on any area prone to flooding

  • Have an emergency plan with family members (have a point of contact outside of the projected hurricane area to be able to communicate with others via social media if needed) 

  • Charge all devices for as long as possible in case of power outage

  • Help a neighbor prep for a hurricane by offering to grocery shop, put up shutters, secure outdoor items, etc. 

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